B&I stocks thousands of items for the automotive shop, such as: rolocs, chemicals, fluids, solvents, aerosols, paper goods, wheel weights, hose, tapes, lighting, razor blades and much more!

To find the part # you're looking for, click on the first letter of the item name, such as "B" for "brake cleaner." We also have additional items. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us directly, and we'll be happy to help you.

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Product Lines
2+2 Berkabile Aerosols, gum cutter, chemicals, fluids, solvents.
3M lead-free wheel weights, Abrasives, adhesives, chemicals, electrical, gasketing, respirators, sorbents, tapes, surface conditioning discs, prep products, fuel & intake system cleaners & more!
ANCO Windshield wiper blades.
Auveco License-plate hardware, cotter pins, rivets, domestic & metric fastener assortments.
Buss: Fuses
Connector Connection Electrical connector plugs, switch extensions, terminals, Hoppy lite mate trailer needs.
CRC Brake & electric parts cleaners, Power Lube, wheel bearing, cv & white greases, bottles.
Crushproof Garage exhaust hoses, tail pipe adaptors, elbows, splice & “y” connectors, door ports & more!
DL Hand cleaners, Fast Orange, Trounce, petroleum & solvent-free.
Dri-Rite Oil-absorbent.
Eveready Small batteries for key remotes & flashlights, alkaline & heavy-duty industrial.
FJC A/C retro-fit kits, dyes, o-ring assortments, pag oil, flush, injectors, adaptors, fittings.
GOJO Hand cleaners, soaps, créme, liquid & lotion.
Kimberly-Clark Scott Paper: shop towels, rags in a box, rags on a roll.
Microflex Gloves, latex & nitrile, available in powder-free and lightly powdered.
Milton Air couplers, blow guns, tire valves, chucks, re-coil hose, gauges & more!
Miscellaneous Acid brushes, battery terminal ends, muffler clamps, rock salt, razor blades, shop scoops, spray 9, Simple Green, Snow Brooms, shop tools & equipment.
Motorcraft Full line of batteries, new & remanufactured parts, chemicals and lubricants.
O.G.I. Premium & economy universal carpeted floor mats, rubber mats for cars & trucks.
Paper Goods & Cleaning Supplies Roll & folded towels, facial & bathroom tissue, dispensers, cups (hot & cold), Wyp-Alls, cleaning supplies, trash bags, brooms, mops, handles, ice melter, urinal blocks, screens, squeegees & more!
Permatex Silicone, RTV, super glue, hand cleaner, mirror adhesive, epoxy, threadlockers.
Plombco Boxed and rolls of wheel weights for cars & trucks, w.w. racks with bins, w.w. tools, adhesive weights.
Slip-N-Grip Interior protection, seat protectors, steering wheel covers, paper, plastic & adhesive floor mats.
S.L.I. Rough service bulbs, tough coat, single- & double-pin fluorescent tubes.
Strattec VATS & PATS keys, blanks, auto-lock hardware.
Tridon Stainless-steel hose clamps.
Unified Chemicals Antifreeze, washer solvent: pre-mix & concentrate, aerosols, additives.
Voltec Reels, drop lights, bulbs, extension cords, electrical taps.
Wagner Lighting: mini bulbs, sealed beams, halogens.
Weathertech Floor liners.
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